Lipno is one of the most popular and sought-after holiday areas in the Czech Republic. We want you to enjoy your stay outside of the Apartments JBX as well, and so we have prepared for you plenty of ideas on how to spend your time at the Lipno Dam . If you are interested, the receptionist at the hotel will gladly help you with planning your programme.

Lake in-line rollerblading trail

In-line rollerblading trail along the Lipno Dam leads from Frymburk to Přední Výtoň. The route is 12 km long. Lipno nad Vltavou is almost at the half-way point, and so you can choose which town you want to visit. If you have enough energy, you can select the second option – the entire loop with the use of the ferry from Frymburk to Frýdava. A local road, which has almost no traffic, leads from Frýdava, and it will comfortably lead you back to the in-line rollerblading trail in Přední Výtoň.


Šumava and hiking are two things that cannot be separated from one another. Šumava is a place where many routes cross and so each person can choose the length and intensity of the trip according to his/her possibilities. You can pick a trail starting from the Apartments JBX, or you can take the car a bit further and discover the distant corners of the Lipno region. We can guarantee that whichever option you select, you will not be disappointed.

Recommended hiking trails:


Lipno and Šumava are not only a haven for hikers, but for cyclists as well. Thanks to the Czech Tourists Club, you have the opportunity to discover Šumava’s landscape and monuments through five interconnected marked cycling trails. Moreover, these trails are linked to another five Austrian cycling trails at the Austrian border. It is thanks to this interconnection that you can customise the trail to suit your needs. Please see the link below for trail descriptions.

Swimming and water sports

Lipno is the ideal destination for water sport enthusiasts. One of the largest and most beautiful beaches is directly in Lipno nad Vltavou about three whole minutes from the Apartments JBX. Do you want to try windsurfing, kiteboarding, yachting, kayaking or paddle boarding? You have the unique opportunity because the Lipno Dam offers the ideal conditions for these sports. You can find rental shops and instructors in the city centre.

Lipno Treetop Walkway

One of Lipno’s most popular attractions, which you have a view of from the Apartments JBX, is open year-round. The visit is definitely worth the beautiful views that open up to you from the trail’s summit – views of the Lipno Dam and the Šumava landscape.

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Forest Kingdom

A unique project in the Lipno area that is inspired by nature and forest life. Experience remarkable adventures on dozens of attractions, which are prepared for you in the Forest Kingdom. The ideal choice for families with children. Adults and children will feel like they’re in a forest paradise; extensive rope centres reminiscent of animal trails will test your motor skills and abilities. Thanks to the education programmes, you will be able to recognise trees, you will learn about animal life and, because most of the attractions are made out of wood, you will discover this material’s properties.

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Bobsleigh track

Enjoy a bit of adrenaline on two bobsleigh tracks right in Lipno nad Vltavou, only a 20-minute walk from the Apartments JBX. Tracks are intertwined – one is a roller-coaster type, the other a traditional trough. The roller-coaster type track is recommended for families with children because of the safety belts and automatic brakes. The trough track is mainly geared toward sports enthusiasts. There is a pub, gazebo and wooden playground on the grounds.

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Aquaworld Lipno

Aquaworld Lipno will not disappoint you in any kind of weather – fun and relaxation awaits you all in one place. Your children will go wild on the slide, in the splash pool with a mushroom fountain or in the white-water river. Adults will appreciate the whirlpool, massage jets or the counter-current pool. In addition, the whirlpool also offers an extraordinary view of Lipno. Aquaworld Lipno is only a 7-minute walk away from the apartments.