Šumava and the surrounding area is the ideal spot for golf. Evidence of this are the many golf courses around the Lipno Dam, whether they are located in the Czech Republic or Austria. Here is a presentation of resorts, which will delight both experienced golfers as well as those who want to learn this sport.

Golf Club Český Krumlov and Svachovka

The exclusive golf resort in Svachova Lhotka, near Český Krumlov, will bring you more than just a unique playing experience. The adjacent hotel and restaurant complex, including the Glokner brewery, distillery and wellness centre will make your visit a perfectly spent day in Svachův Dvůr, i.e. Svachovka. The golf course is situated on hilly terrain and is designed to be enjoyed by players with a higher handicap. The team of experienced instructors will help you improve your golf skills; the club is pleased to welcome all newcomers and will present golf in a way that will make anyone fall in love with it. The resort is situated only 30 minutes away from the Apartments JBX.

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Guests of the Apartments JBX have a 30 % discount on the green fee!

Golf Club Böhmerwald

A golf club on the Austrian side of Šumava, less than 50 minutes away from the Apartments JBX. It has a hilly terrain, where you can enjoy the large park with a beautiful terraced arrangement of shrubs and ponds. You will play an 18-hole masters course, and beginners will surely appreciate a 9-hole public course and other practice areas and equipment.

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Golf Club Sterngartl

Another beautiful resort situated across the border in Austria, only 40 minutes away from apartments. An 18-hole course stretches between three towns in a hilly terrain surrounded by woods. The game uses all the elements the local landscape and architecture has to offer – water hazards, bunkers, etc. A fun game in this beautiful landscape awaits you.

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